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Envato API

API information includes two important values: Client ID and Client Secret. Follow these steps to generate them:

Step 1: Go to https://build.envato.com/ and Sign In

Step 2: Click on button ‘Register a new app

Step 3: Fill all required forms:

  1. App Name (like Support Portal)
  2. Required Permissions, choose the following :
    • View and search Envato sites
    • View the user’s Envato Account username
    • View the user’s email address
    • View the user’s account profile details
  3. Confirmation URL : is the link to your website or the folder that you installed the script in :
  4. Check I have read, understood and agree to the Terms and Conditions

Press ‘Register App

Step 4: Then you will see a popup which shown:

You’ve registered your app. Here’s your secret application key! Make sure you copy this down, because if you lose it you’ll need to re-create the application.


You should copy a long string and keep it safe, because it is origin and can not see it again.

Step 5: Navigate back to ‘My apps’, now you can see registered app at “Apps you’ve registered”. Under ‘App name’, you can find ‘Client ID’ value.

  • Created @ 3 Oct 2022 11:41 pm
  • Updated @ 3 Oct 2022 11:42 pm