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Services and Digital
Products Marketplace

Solo is a PHP Script that allows you to start your own services and digital downloads marketplace.
Sell and manage your services and products, accept payments, communicate with your customers, organize your business .. all in one place.

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Ease of use

Solo is fast and easy to install, Just upload the files and run the installation. you don’t need to be expert to manage your website.


Pay once only and get rid of percentage fees of Fiverr and alikes, Solo is affordable and suits all budgets.

You’re in Control

Setup your entire marketplace form one place

Solo Features

Secure Code

Protected against SQL Injection, XSS scripts and CSRF. Code is separated from HTML using Smarty Templates.

Responsive & Accessible

Work on all screen sizes, mobiles, tablets, laptops and large screens.

SEO Ready

Customized and compatible with SEO Standards.

Membership System

Solo comes with built-in membership system (sign-up, login, forget & reset password pages).

Services Marketplace

Solo is built as services marketplace, it allows you to list and sell your services easily.

Digital Products

Solo allows you to sell digital products too. such as e-books, templates, plugins and scripts.

Social Logins

Solo allows your customers to login using their Facebook, Twitter and Envato accounts

Payment Methods

Solo comes with most popular payment gateways, PayPal and Stripe (Credit/Debit Cards)

E-Mail Templates

With Solo, you can customize how your email will look like, using your branding colours and graphics.


You can control how to notify your customers when their orders change

Powerful Dashboard

With Solo dashboard you can control every single detail of your website easily with fewer clicks.

Service Gallery

You can create a gallery for each service to describe what you provide to customers visually

Content Sharing

Solo comes with set of share buttons that support major social networks and mobile apps.

Customers Messaging

Solo has the ability to exchange messages with your customers internally within the order page.

More to come ..

Solo will have more features in the future to make it one of the best digital solutions for freelancers.

Customers Reviews


Very well coded in OO PHP with scope to make modifcations. Very good value for money. Thank-you


Customer support is not only honest with answers to questions but goes above and beyond! I have no complaints about anything with this purchase, I see a lot of potential in this project and can’t wait to see what’s to come in future releases!


Excellent customer support! Nice and well coded. Can’t wait for the next update of member system (account login and member user name, email should appear on top of account page). Worth of purchase made.


Great all around service script. Does what it is supposed to


The Author responded promptly for my questions. I found the product easy to use from End Users (front-end) as well as the Admin (Backe-end) perspective. If you are a one-person operator of service business, this script could be tailored for your needs with few custom changes here and there. Overall, good product.


This is a no nonsense script.
Plain, simple yet very powerful, and customizable.
Took only under half an hour to Upload > Install > Customize > Live
Definitely recommend!


I think this is a great script. The value is worth a lot more!. this works unlike many others on here, a Really detailed doc’s which is great to see. Trust me it’s rare! … All in all a great script and well coded. For now its worthy of 5 stars


great design, coded very well, had few issues in the beginning spent 5 minutes talking to author in comments section and he had me up and running smooth as butta. love this author and the replies to comments were alien speed like. Really appreciate it will be buying more from him for sure and I recommend others do as well !!!


This scripts have changed my business. I have really appreciate for ftify support. He is awesome and very first responded. very fast clean smart script. I love this from heart!!!


That was a great opportunity to start my own business.

Frequesntly Asked Questions

  • What are the requirements to install Solo on my server ?
    • PHP 7.3+
    • MySQLi Extension
    • allow_url_fopen = ON
    • MultiByte String Functions (mb_ functions)
    • openssl
    • PHP ZipArchive
    • PHP SimpleXML

    You can also check if your server is meeting these requirements by uploading the requirements file to your server.

    Download the file, Unzip it and upload the check.php file to your server.

  • Does Solo work with WordPress ?

    No, Solo is stand-alone PHP Script not a WordPress plugin.

  • What’s your support policy?

    We guarantee a response to support queries within 12 hours, Monday through Friday. However the support is limited by Envato Marketplace eligibility and includes :

    • Availability of the author (Seller) to answer questions
    • Get assistance with reported bugs and issues
    • Help with included 3rd party assets
  • Do you offer Installation as part of support ?

    Unfortunately No, However the installation process is easy and well documented. 

    We also provide a paid installation service, you can ask us about it before purchase.